Carrara Marble

Updated: May 10, 2018


Quarry where Carrara Marble is Harvested

Carrara marble comes from the quarries in Carrara Italy. It is an unassuming gray with delicate white veins throughout. It can often be found used for luxury countertops, dramatic fireplace accents, kitchen backsplashes, dynamic bathroom floors and even as entire wall tiles. It has an old world feel and a subtle elegance that evokes a sense of style and grace in any modern home. Many might fear Carrara marble as countertops, but it is proving to be as durable as it is beautiful if taken care of properly. 

Because Carrara marble is natural stone comprised of calcium carbonate, acidic elements can leave a mark if you're not careful.  The acids in some foods can alter the structure of the stone and produce changes called etching. Etching is NOT staining. It is just the subtle mark and natural degradation of that happens when acid hits that calcium carbonate. 

Carrara marble inside our Milam Grove community

MY COUNTER IS RUINED! No, it's not. If the subtle tones that etching leave behind bother you, there are ways to rectify the situation and leave your honed countertops as elegant as the day you installed them, or close to it. A simple dash of powdered Comet cleanser, a scouring pad and a few drops of water should do the trick. Our expert friends from Houzz have also compiled a few great ideas for marble countertops that you can consider in their post: How to Clean Marble Countertops and Tile.

Carrara marble has held artists and lovers of beautiful things in its grasp for centuries. It was in a block of Carrara marble where Michaelangelo released the iconic David. Roman emperors reveled in its beauty and battles were fought over rights to the quarries that house it.

We are honored to use Carrara marble in our luxury homes and proud to place it in the hands of our own master carpenters as they build structures that exude the luxury and style people have come to expect from Sett Studio homes. Living with Carrara countertops is possible as described in this blog by Faith Durand of Kitchn titled:

My Experience Living with Marble Countertops: One Year Later

Her experience leaves her loving her countertops and you should too. 

You can experience the luxury of Carrara marble in our homes in the Milam Grove community coming soon! 

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