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As we near completion of the second phase of the Zilker development of NASH, we are excited to present the last available lot for sale that is situated at 1606 Nash Ave. This lot is available as an A unit by itself OR as a Main (A) and ADU (B) together. At this time we will not be selling the ADU (B) unit on its own.

A little about 1606 Nash Ave:

The main home on this lot (A Unit) will span approximately 2,200 sq ft. with 4 bedrooms alongside 3.5 baths. With 3 livable floors, a steam shower in the master bath, a car lift in garage for 2 cars, a 10'x20' plunge pool, outside water features, steel raised gardens, luxe landscaping and high-end appliances this is not your average new home in Austin.


The ADU that sits directly behind the main home (B Unit) will be approximately 1,000 sq ft. with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths along with the same luxe landscaping, closed garage with car lift and high-end appliances.


Estimated completion is set for October 2022 if you are interested in this home please contact Bristal Speciale at

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Main home to feature a primary steam shower, livable 3rd level space, sliding glass doors, large front pivot door, floor to ceiling windows, luxury upgraded appliances throughout, French oak flooring, custom cabinets, natural wood built-ins, haiku fans, energy efficient insulation, LED lighting, mid-century modern design elements.

ADU's to include floor to ceiling windows, sliding glass door to back yard, pivot front door, open concept, mid-century modern design.

Exterior on all speculative homes includes private, lush landscaping, outdoor water features, urban sized party plunge pools in all A units, raised custom steel vegetable gardens, car lifts in all units, added sidewalks for safer walking.


Building Materials: Brick, stucco, hardy, standing seam metal exterior textures.

1610 Nash Ave Custom (SOLD)

A: Details Coming Soon

1606 Nash Ave (SOLD)

A: 4 bed | 3.5 bath | 2,200 sq ft

B: 2 bed | 2.5 bath | 1,000 sq ft

1604 Nash Ave (FOR SALE)

A: 4 bed | 3.5 bath | 2,200 sq ft

B: 2 bed | 2.5 bath | 1,000 sq ft


1710 Kinney Ave (SOLD)

A: 4 bed | 3.5 bath | 2,200 sq ft

B: 2 bed | 2.5 bath | 1,000 sq ft

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