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Modern Contemporary Design

Immerse yourself in a new era of luxury with Sett Studio, where we seamlessly blend the latest in energy-efficient building materials with exquisite design elements to craft high-end custom homes. With over two decades of expertise in sustainable design and construction, our team has masterfully erected a diverse array of modern structures and studio spaces.

Evolving with the times, we now extend our forward-thinking sustainable design to a broader spectrum of services, all while staying true to our commitment to energy efficiency and elegant design functionality that you've come to expect from Sett Studio. Whether it's building your dream home or catering to diverse construction needs, our team is here to turn your visions into reality.

  • Custom Luxury Home Construction

  • Land and Site Development

  • Speculative Homes

  • Investor Inquiries

  • Interior Design

  • Multi Family Unit Development

About Sett Studio

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Mike Speciale

General Manager

Meet Mike, a distinguished figure in Austin's sustainable building scene. Renowned as one of the city's top-tier sustainable builders, he brings a wealth of experience to the table. As the former construction director for Austin's Habitat for Humanity, Mike has garnered significant recognition for his invaluable contributions to the community.

His work hasn't gone unnoticed – Mike has been featured in esteemed media publications such as Builder Architect Magazine, Dwell, Inc. Mag, and many others. Beyond print, he has shared his insights as a speaker for the City of Austin's first SMART Home/Green Building community.

Yet, beyond his professional accolades, Mike is more than just a builder; he's an all-around good dude, embodying a commitment to excellence and community impact.

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Bristal Speciale

Head of Design and Sales

Bristal Speciale, serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Sett Studio, is a trailblazer in Human Resource strategy, setting an exceptional standard of excellence. Her passion lies in investing in people, fostering a culture of growth and success within the organization. Additionally, Bristal wears the hat of Sett Studio's Licensed Real Estate Professional, bringing a unique blend of leadership and real estate expertise to the forefront of our team.

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More About Our Services


Drawing on over 25 years of expertise, Sett Studio is your dedicated partner in crafting unparalleled custom homes. Our commitment is to not just meet but exceed your expectations. By meticulously managing each project, ensuring transparent communication, and emphasizing quality and detail, we aim to make the entire process stress-free for our clients.

Choose the freedom to build on your own lot with Sett Studio. From soil testing to seamless design integration, we handle every aspect, providing a comprehensive and tailored experience. Moreover, we curate premier lots for custom homes and seamlessly pivot to building on available lots.


Discover a new era in speculative home building with Sett Studio. Partnering with savvy investors, we guarantee top results in any market – up or down. Our agility ensures we pivot and adapt even in adverse markets, always prioritizing our investors' interests. Invest confidently with us, where success is not just a goal; it's a commitment to protecting and growing your investments.


Embracing a healthy lifestyle has become a powerful trend, and at Sett, we go beyond merely acknowledging it. We firmly believe that your pursuit of wellness shouldn't end outside your home; it should seamlessly integrate into the very place where you spend the majority of your time – your home. Our offerings range from luxurious saunas to invigorating cold plunge tubs, thoughtfully designed outdoor vegetable gardens, and the use of healthy building materials. With Sett, we craft more than just living spaces; we build a lifestyle deeply rooted in health and wellness.

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